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Education experts have warned that the involvement of political actors in planning for the education sector has politicized the system and lowered educational values.

According to former Makerere University chancellor, Prof. Mondo Kagonyera, educational planning should be undertaken by specialists since they understand the field better.

Kagonyera explained that currently, the public seems to have left education to be managed by politicians who he described as “self-seekers”.

This, he warned, is dangerous for the country, therefore urging the public to take intentional steps towards planning for their children’s education.

Kagonyera was speaking during the consultative engagement with the Education Policy Review Commission (EPRC) at the commission’s head office in Nakawa, Kampala yesterday.

Prof. Tarsis Kabwegyere, the former minister for general duties in the Office of the Prime Minister, emphasised the teaching of local history to learners, arguing that it will empower learners with knowledge about their societies.

On research, Kabwegyere has advised the government to build regional centres to promote research and thinking culture among Ugandans. This, he said, would speed up development arguing that national challenges would have solutions.

Speaking at the same event, EPRC chairperson Amanya Mushega said proposed aspects shall be integrated in the final report which will be presented to Cabinet for approval.

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