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The Electoral Commission has clarified that one does not need a Voter Location Slip to vote.

It comes as the commission continues issuance of the Voter Location Slips to voters across the country amid fears that those who do not get them will not be allowed to vote.

The commission’s chairman Justice Simon Byabakama says the slips are only aimed at enabling voters to conveniently locate their respective polling stations on polling day.

Justice Byabakama said the most important thing is being on the national register.

The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Justice Simon Byabakama has dismissed claims that Voter Location Slips are a must have for one to cast their ballot in the forthcoming Election.

Byabakama also dismissed claims that the government is issuing the slips to lock out some people from voting.

Byabakama says the slips are only intended to confirm to voters where they shall vote from such that they do not go to wrong polling stations on voting day.

He further stressed that what is required of a voter is to appear on the voter register making it that having a Voter Location Slip and a National Identity Card shall not save a person whose name doesn’t appear on the register.

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