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The former Leader of Opposition (LoP) in Parliament, Betty Aol Ochan, has advised Mathias Mpuuga to step down from his current position as parliamentary commissioner.

This is after his party, the National Unity Platform (NUP) asked the former LoP, Mpuuga to step down from his current position (parliamentary commissioner), accusing him of corruption and abuse of office after he was given Shs500 million as service award.

According to his successor, Joel Ssenyonyi, in a meeting held by the party president, Robert Kyagulanyi, Mpuuga was found guilty of corruption upon subjection to a party crisis meeting which resolved to have him resign.

He also noted that during the meeting, Mpuuga admitted that he indeed took part in this wrongdoing and apologized for the same.

However Mpuuga scoffed at “an unsigned document” purportedly calling for his resignation based on what he called “falsehoods and terrible misapprehension of facts including basic ones.”

In a statement issued on Friday, Mpuuga explained that the said money was granted to him by the Parliamentary Commission as gratuity and thus he cannot be accused of any crime.

However, Ochan says her colleague should accept to step down, calling for the removal of other ‘dirty commissioners’.

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