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The ministry of health says it will not halt covid-19 tests at the border posts despite numerous calls for the same.

The East African Business Council is the latest to make such calls, attributing the delays in the movement of goods to the congestion and slow testing process at Malaba and Busia borders with Kenya.

A section of stakeholders have also blamed the slow testing exercise for the incidents of fake results after police arrested 25 travelers suspected of presenting forged Covid-19 test certificates.

Now speaking to Endigyito radio, the ministry of Health spokesperson Emmanuel Ainebyoona, insists that nobody shall be allowed into or out of the country without testing for Covid-19.

Meanwhile, Uganda has registered a 22% reduction in new Covid-19 cases in the past three weeks.

According to government statistics, the country recorded a total of 2,813 cases from September 28th to October 18th, which are 1,188 cases below the 4,001 cases reported in the previous three weeks of September from 7th to 27th.

The figures indicate that the country registered its highest number of Covid-19 cases between September 14th and 20th, where a total of 1,490 cases were reported in just 7 days.

Prof Freddie Ssengooba, a public health expert at Makerere University attributes the decline to the alteration of the objective of Covid-19 testing in the country.

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