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Residents of Buwenge Town Council in Jinja District were treated to drama when a couple got stuck together during sex in a lodge.

The bizarre incident occurred yesterday at Jojo Bar and Lodge, attracting droves of curious onlookers which prompted Police to intervene.

The man, a 38-year-old driver from Kawolo in Lugazi Municipality, Buikwe District, had met his lover from Buwenge Town Council for the passion of their lives.

However, the would-be-sweet romance turned shameful when the two got stuck together.

Witnesses say the troubled couple screamed for help but the neighbours didn’t give it much attention thinking that it was the normal lodge bliss until the morning when the scream became noticeably painful.

A large crowd gathered to witness an unusual spectacle and later alerted Police for intervention.

Kiira Region Police spokesperson James Mubi says the couple was taken to Buwenge Health Centre IV for medical intervention before being taken to Buwenge Central Police Station as investigations kickoff.

This is not the first time such incidents are happening in the same area, Last year, a taxi driver from Swanu Zone and a woman he had invited to a rented house got stuck together.

The condition, medically known as penis captivus, is largely associated with traditional myth – witchcraft.

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