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Democratic Party (DP) President Norbert Mao has said that he has not given up on the bid for presidency aimed at bringing change in Uganda.

Mao said that even after losing the recent Presidential elections to incumbent President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party he will still contest in the next elections and ensure that he brings a change in Uganda.

The DP President General was yesterday speaking to hundreds of Christians from Holy Rosary Church in Gulu City during the weekly morning mass. 

He said that he owes a lot to the Acholi people who have overtime shown trust and confidence in him.

The congregants cheered at Mao who looked not bothered by his loss and jokingly said that believers are still waiting for the coming of Jesus Christ even after more than 2000 years and so Ugandans should wait for his time noting that five years is just a drop of water in the ocean.

Mao pledged to work with any of his rivals who were successful in the elections and similarly called on other political losers and those that were victorious to work together and develop Uganda regardless of political differences.

Mao was fifth in the just concluded Presidential elections after polling 55,665 votes representing 0.56%. 

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