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President Museveni has warned that it would be foolhardy for anyone to think they can disrupt his swearing-in after being cleared by the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court gave Museveni a green light to be sworn in as a duly elected president after National Unity Platform leader, Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine withdrew a petition that had wanted to challenge the election.

Last week, posters written on “Museveni Tajja Kulayira” which loosely translates as “Museveni will not swear-in” were pinned in various parts of the city by a pressure group that calls itself Time is Now.

The group said they will not allow President Museveni to be sworn in for another term in May.

Addressing the country yesterday evening, the president warned that anyone who thinks they can destabilize the swearing-in ceremony are joking.

Meanwhile, Museveni, the winner of the January 14 polls said that Kyagulanyi’s group was involved in ballot stuffing and intimidation of the ruling NRM party supporters.

Museveni told the country that he has reports of intimidation by National Unity Platform supporters towards those supporting the ruling party, citing areas of Buganda and Busoga.

Museveni noted that some police officers were either bribed or never cared as these acts of violence happened but warned that whoever will be implicated will face dismissal from the force.

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