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The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) dominated the Workers’ Members of Parliament race as they registered three candidates.

The elections for workers’ representatives took place at Kibuli Secondary School with incumbent Dr. Sam Lyomoki getting knocked out.

NRM’s Arinaitwe Rwakajara, former Minister of Sports Charles Bakabulindi of NRM emerged victorious for the night, taking home two of the five slots.

The other two slots were taken by independent candidates; Margaret Rwabushaija Namubiru who polled the highest tally of votes (291) as well as Dr. Abdhulu Byakatonda who polled 174 votes to take the fourth slot.

With the NRM and independent candidates tied to two slots each, it was left to one for the female workers’ slot and it was swept clear by NRM’s Agnes Abwoli Kunihira (NRM) who trounced her only Challenger Annet Birungi by 332 votes against 161.

Among those who failed to make it include the vocal former chairman of Uganda Medical Association, Dr. Ekwaro Obuku, and Usher Wilson Owere, the chairman of the National Organisation of Trade Unions.

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