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Kira Municipality MP, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, has recommended the establishment of an evacuation fund to assist Ugandan migrant workers in returning home if they face mistreatment or find themselves stranded in foreign countries.

Ssemujju made this suggestion during the discussion of the Committee on Gender, Labour and Social Development’s report on a petition by Elivanson Nabatanzi.

She had appealed to Parliament in May 2022, seeking the return of her daughter, who was sent to work as a house help in Saudi Arabia by Prime Linkages Limited.

In a parliamentary session, Ssemujju cautioned against a complete ban on labor exportation, citing the high unemployment rates in Uganda.

Ssemujju emphasized the need to handle the matter pragmatically.

Highlighting the challenges faced by domestic workers, he noted, people who work as maids don’t operate in companies with standards; homes lack standards and these workers are treated based on the temperament and conduct of each household.

Ssemujju urged Parliament to address the root causes of vulnerability that force individuals to work as maids before establishing standards for recruitment agencies.

He emphasized the importance of quick evacuation and the need for a diplomatic presence in areas where Ugandans are working, noting the absence of consulates or embassies in Oman.

Drawing attention to the vastness of Saudi Arabia, he mentioned the logistical challenges faced by abused workers

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