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Residents of Kitanda Cubcounty in Bukomansimbi District are in panic of an unknown disease that is killing their children.

The strange disease has been confirmed in six villages of Bakijjulula, Kabandiiko, Kabangereza, Missenyi, and Kyankoko all located in Makukuulu parish and Gayaza parish.

The disease is said to affect only children between 10-15 years of age and the number of children that get affected is increasing by the day.

At least four children have been confirmed dead of a strange disease.

Margret Namuwonge, a resident of Kyankoko Village in Gayaza Parish in Kitanda subcounty, who is still in mourning after the loss of her 14-years-old daughter last week said the death of her daughter still shocks her.

Namuwonge said that the daughter was hit by what appeared to be a minor sickness but four days later, her daughter started urinating blood and was rushed to Villa Maria hospital where they confirmed that she had lost too much blood and that her kidney was damaged.

George Byakatonda and his wife Teddy Nampijja residents of Kabandiiko village also in Kitanda subcounty also lost their 13-year-old daughter Justine Nansamba after she showed similar symptoms.

Residents said that this disease affects only children and when they start urinating blood within three days they die.

The Bukomansimbi health officer, Dr Kato Alfred when contacted on phone he said he has sent a team of medical workers to investigate.

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