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The family of Private Wilson Sabiiti is stuck with the grave, which they dug last week as his final resting place, as they await the release of his remains.

The grave was dug last Saturday in anticipation of the release of Sabiiti’s remains for burial.

The family said for two weeks now the army has continued to hold onto the remains of their son and failed to communicate to them on when his body will be released.

They said they only see information in newspapers and TVs but with no clear information on when to release the body. 

On May 2nd, Pte Sabiiti shot dead State minister for Labour Col (Rtd) Charles Okello Engola before taking his own life.

The members said when the minister was buried last week on Saturday, they had hoped that the body of their son would be released thereafter for burial but to date, no communication has been made to the family.

Olivia Musiimenta, the sister of the deceased, said they constructed the grave after watching news on TV in which the army said it would transport the deceased’s remains to the home but would not help in the burial arrangements.

Musiimenta said every day, they feed about 40 people who come to their home but now they have run out of food, which was being contributed by residents.

The deceased’s mother, Ms Uwezeyi Keduresi, told this publication yesterday that he only received a phone call the day his son died from an unknown UPDF officer who was informing her of the demise and since then, she said, she has not received any communication from the army or government.

Ms Keduresi said every morning she sees the empty grave in her compound, she gets traumatized.

John Mwesinge, the chairperson of Mubali Village, said the delayed burial has left them stranded.

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