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Police in Masindi have also apprehended the wife of the late Dr. Abiriga Gino, the former acting Masindi District health officer after the arrest of the children.

Authorities claim the family is linked to the murder of Dr. Abiriga Gino.

The residence of the late health officer, initially thought to be a mere crime scene, has become the focal point of a detailed investigation.

Contrary to earlier speculations that Dr. Abiriga could have been killed elsewhere, it appears his home was the site of the tragic incident.

Preliminary investigations suggested a connection between the murder and a property dispute involving the late health officer’s wife.

The search continued throughout the day, with the wife assisting in the reconstruction of the crime scene.

Masindi Resident District Commissioner, Emmy Ngabirano, expressed dissatisfaction with the wife’s initial statements.

This prompted a deeper search, revealing bloodstains and a knife with blood, leading to the arrest of everyone present in the house.

Ngabirano did not confirm who may have aided the wife in the killing, but urged the public to remain calm but assured that investigations were ongoing, and all culprits would face charges of murder.

Dr. Abiriga’s body was discovered at a neighbor’s home, with reports suggesting he was lured away from his residence under the pretext of attending to a hospital emergency.

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