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The traffic situation from Saturday through Sunday remained paralysed for heavy-duty trucks carrying cargo along Mpondwe in Kasese District and Kasindi on the DR Congo side, due to the collapse of the Mpondwe Bridge connecting the two countries.

The collapsed bridge is a few meters away from Mpondwe-Lhubiriha town council in Kasese District.

Cargo trucks on the Ugandan side, which usually transport goods from Mpondwe market in Uganda or Kasindi in DR Congo, now find their businesses at a standstill as traffic authorities have advised them to park until the bridge is fixed or an alternative route for cargo trucks is established.

Lt Maate Magwara, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner in charge of Bukonzo County, said the bridge collapsed due to continuous vandalism of the materials used during its construction, noting that heavy trucks cannot cross via the makeshift bridge improvised by UNRA.

Lt Magwara explained that between 200 to 300 cargo trucks have been crossing the bridge however, since Saturday, all trucks have been parked in either of the countries.

Business for both Uganda and DR Congo is currently paralyzed because cargo trucks with goods cannot move.

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