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President Yoweri Museveni has re-echoed the call for more vigilance among members of the public amid renewed terror threats to the country. 

He has particularly asked people in churches, markets, mosques, bus terminals, hotels, and bars to be vigilant and look out for strangers. 

In a statement, the president says the vigilance must be maintained until security forces completely up-root the ADF in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which he blames for the spate of attacks on citizens in the recent past.

This is after 2 Improvised Explosive Devices exploded in Kikubamutwe parish (Kabalagala) and another in Nabweru Kibwa Nassana municipality on Saturday night.

The president, however, says that due to the vigilance of the Wanainchi and the security forces, the two bombs went off without harming anybody.

Investigations continue and the general public is called upon to be vigilant and security conscious as we approach Christmas and New Year festivals.

Meanwhile, Security has announced a shs20 million bounty on two men they believe are behind the two blasts that went off on Saturday night injuring one person.

In a statement released by the deputy UPDF spokesperson, Col Deo Akiiki, the two improvised explosive devices exploded in Kikubamutwe parish in Kabalagala and another in Nabweru, Nansana Municipality.

Col Akiiki said the IED that exploded in Nabweru was allegedly brought by two young men after renting that house for three months and left a bag in the room where the explosion took place.

The IED that exploded in Kabalagala was left on the veranda of a house in a busy street.

The army has since released two photos of men suspected to have been behind the two blasts and placed a sh20 million bounty on their heads.

He said investigations into the matter continue but asked the general public to be vigilant and security conscious as the festive season approaches.

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