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One of the four people allegedly shot by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) enforcement officers at Madi Okollo Town Council has succumbed to gunshot wounds at Nebbi Hospital.

Deceased Moses Acidri, a resident of Pamachi Village, Adraa Parish, Offaka Sub-county in Madi Okollo District, was shot as UPDF soldiers attached to URA opened fire during an operation to impound a numberless motorcycle. 

Madi Okollo District lawmaker Joanne Aniku Okia condemned the manner in which the deceased was killed and others injured.

By Thursday evening, a girl and two other victims of the Wednesday afternoon shooting were still at Nebbi Hospital nursing injuries sustained during the crackdown.

They include 13-year-old Patience Atizuyo, 22-year-old Derrick Opari and a person only identified as Jovan.

Okollo Town Council LC3 chairperson David Agbara castigated the tax body for using highhandedness, comparing URA enforcers to gun rulers in the 1970s and 80s.  

This is not the first time that the tax collection agency is involved in altercations with the locals.

In November last year, one person died on the spot and two siblings were critically injured when a URA vehicle suddenly stopped, forcing the motorcycle on which the deceased was moving to knock the stationary vehicle.

Prior to that, a suspected smuggler was shot dead by URA enforcers in Koboko District at Saliamusala at the Uganda border with Democratic Republic of Congo.

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